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BCI Gets a Facelift!

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

BCI was a telecommunications company in need of a branding facelift. Our new logo has been created and is one that represents us now and our growth for the future. The idea of the simplistic letter mark logo was to get away from its traditional look and name (Bamman Consulting Inc.) and move more into representing our new tagline "Be Connected" along with the connection to our growing clientele.

The simplistic curvature of the bowl and counter accents the cell tower like stem height along with contrasting signal icon keeping in form with the letter “C” when inverted.  Hidden within the new logo still highlights the BCI name, retaining it’s connection to the original naming convention. Along with the logo a color scheme was established to help give direction to the new website and brand as a whole.  A friendly typeface of Franklin Gothic was chosen to accompany the new logo along with representing the tagline in a proper way.


Geometric shape

Contrasting match colors

Simplistic nature

Blue - calmness, trust and faith

orange- enthusiasm, happiness, creativity

This logo has great balance across the board and translates well onto many platforms and best represents were the company is today.

Post written by: Melissa Casanova

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