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Be Connected, a philosophy that has been instilled in BCI since its inception in 2005. Originally specializing in telecommunications real estate, Sean Bamman established Bamman Consulting, now BCI, with a mission to develop and grow a responsible and sustainable business that focuses on delivering customer value and satisfaction.

At BCI we recognize the ever-growing importance of connection in business and our everyday lives. Be it from improving wireless networks, to helping businesses simplify their online presence whilst maximizing impact; BCI now boasts a growing range of services to help your business achieve it’s potential. 


Maximum value and satisfaction for our clients is at the heart of BCI’s philosophy. Our combination of friendly, experienced team members coupled with our extensive network of resources means we can deliver the optimum results for your needs. We believe in an open and honest dialogue between our clients and the team to help drive the success of your business.

Sean Bamman
Sean Bamman​

BCI’s founder, Sean is a telecom and networking entrepreneur with a simple vision, to help connect people. Growing up in Washington D.C. and graduating with a double major from the University of Virginia. Described as an exemplary husband and father of four boisterous boys, two of whom are autistic; he has actively campaigned with organizations to pass legislation focusing on reforming insurance for families impacted by autism. He is advocating to ensure people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to live, work and engage in daily activities.

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